New kitchen installations

Just bought a new place in south London, or just want a new look for the kitchen? We can help!

The easy bit of kitchen installations is setting up cabinets, adjusting heights or work surfaces, etc. The really hard bit is getting the placement of electrics, and especially water just right. And by “just right“, we mean planned and installed so that you are able to to minor maintenance or replacement on a dishwasher or washing machine, as you shouldn’t expect to call out a plumber, or pay exorbitant installation fees when you want, or need, to buy a new one. We understand this and we know how to do the job right, first time. Our customers appreciate this; some even more several years after we finish work. Call or email us for a really competitive quote!

07515029216 – [email protected]

Hi Greg,
Thank you so much for coming by last night. and thank you again for all your hard work.
Kind regards,
Shelley E. Hays
Hello Greg,
Thanks once again for helping out with the tap issue so promptly.
Jennifer Shanon
Thank you for doing another good job and always a pleasure to see you.
Donald M. Collins